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La Tranquilite

We do not pretend to be number one! But! We are second of no one!
HUMUS WRAP                                                                                                             3.00
(Humus, pickles and tomatoes with some chips inside the sandwich)
MOZZARELLA CHEESE WRAP                                                                                  3.00
(Mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil and olive oil)
FALAFEL WRAP                                                                                                            3.00
(Falafel, parsley, tomatoes, pickles,lettuce and special sauce)
SHISH TAWOOK WRAP                                                                                             3.50
(Grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, pickles and garlic, paste)
CHICKEN SHAWARMA WRAP                                                                                3.50
(Chicken breast fillet, garlic paste, pickles and tomatoes)
MEAT SHAWARMA WRAP                                                                                      5.50
(Meat slices, tomatoes, pickles, parsley and special sauce)
KAFTA WRAP                                                                                                                5.50
(Grilled shish kebab, pickles tahini sauce and tomatoes)
LEBANESE SPICY MINCE MEAT WRAP                                                                3.50
(Spicy mince meat, tomatoes, humus and pickles)
FETA CHEESE WRAP                                                                                                   3.50
(Meat slices, tomatoes, pickles, parsley and special sauce)
All products are daily delivered and fresh