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La Tranquilite

We do not pretend to be number one! But! We are second of no one!
SPAGHETTI ALLA BOLOGNESE                                                                               £6.95
(Spaghetti served with minced meat in a napoletana sauce)
SPAGHETTI CARBONARA                                                                                         £6.95
(Italian classic with chicken, eggs, mozzarella cheese and black
pepper in a rich béchamel & creamy sauce)
TORTELLONI GALLORRINA                                                                                      £6.95
(Pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese in a La Tranquility
special creamy tomato sauce)
PENNE AL APOLLO                                                                                                     £6.95
(Penne sautéed with chicken fillet, sliced mushroom, onion, double
cream in napoletana sauce)
PENNE ALFREDO                                                                                                         £6.95
(Penne sautéed with chicken fillet, sliced mushrooms, onion, eggs,
black pepper, double ream & béchamel sauce)
LASAGNA AL FORNO                                                                                                 £6.95
(Layers of pasta with Bolognese, béchamel & tomato sauce topped
with mozzarella cheese)
TAGLIATELLE POLLO                                                                                                  £6.95
(Ribbons of pasta sautéed with chicken fillet, onions & mushrooms
in a creamy garlic and tomato sauce)
PENNE ALLA AMATRICIANA                                                                                  £6.95
(Penne with spicy pepperoni sausage, onion, red pepper, chili,
parsley & tomato sauce)
RISOTTO TOSCA                                                                                                          £6.95
(Rice cooked with chicken, garlic, sliced mushrooms, onions in
a tomato cream sauce)
SEAFOOD RISOTTO                                                                                                    £8.95
(Rice cooked with a mixture of seafood & garlic, smothered in
a creamy tomato & lobster sauce)
SPAGHETTI PRIMAVERA                                                                                          £6.95
(Maccheroni with mixed peppers, tomato, mushroom, onions &
garlic in a napolitana sauce)
CANNELLONI ALLA VEGETARIANA                                                                      £6.95
(Rolled pasta fillet with spinach, ricotta cheese & laced with
creamy tomato sauce)
TAGLIATELLE AL GAMBERI                                                                                      £8.95
(Ribbons of pasta sautéed with prawns, parsley in aragosta sauce)
SPAGHETTI ALLA MARINARA                                                                                 £8.95
(Spaghetti sautéed with mixed seafood, lemon juice, parsley in
oyster & napolitana sauce)

All products are daily delivered and fresh