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La Tranquilite

We do not pretend to be number one! But! We are second of no one!
GOLDEN CHICKEN WINGS                                                                                      6.95
(Grilled chicken wings with paprika, olive oil, garlic & spices:
served with salad, humus & bread)
FALAFEL                                                                                                                          7.45
(A mixture of fava beans, chickpeas, parsley, garlic, onion,
cinnamon, paprika, black pepper, chili, bicarbonate:
fried & served with salad, humus special sauce & bread)
CHICKEN SHAWARMA                                                                                              7.95
(Chicken breast fillet, onions, vegetable oil, natural yoghurt,
mixed spices:
served with salad, humus, garlic paste & bread)
MUHAMAR                                                                                                                   7.95
(Roasted chicken leg & potatoes with hot onion juicy sauce:
served with rice & bread)
MEAT SHAWARMA                                                                                                    7.95
(Fillet cut into strips mixed with finely minced fat, onions,
vegetable oil, vinegar, natural yoghurt, mixed spices:
served with salad, humus & bread)
GARLIC CHICKEN                                                                                                         7.45
(Roasted chicken legs & potatoes with a garlic, coriander
lemony sauce:
served with salad & bread)
POLLO CACCIATORA                                                                                                  8.45
(Chicken breast with mushroom, tomatoes & onions in a demi
glace sauce:
served with salad & bread)
BAKED KAFTA                                                                                                               7.95
(Minced lamb meat, minced onion, parsley & fried round potato
& tomato slices; all oven baked: served with rice & bread)
LAMB CHOPS                                                                                                                8.95
(Grilled lamb chops marinated in La Tranquilite special sauce,
grilled onion & tomato:
served with salad, humus & bread)
BAKED KAFTA WITH TAHINI                                                                                   7.95
(Minced lamb meat, minced onion, parsley & fried round potato
cooked with tahini sauce; all oven baked:
served with rice & bread)
KAFTA KEBAB                                                                                                               7.95
(A mixture of minced lamb meat, minced onion & parsley:
served with salad, humus, grilled onion & tomato & bread)
SHISH TAWOOK                                                                                                          8.25
(A mixture of chicken breast, paprika, ground white pepper,
ground ginger, garlic, vegetable oil and lemon juice:
served with salad, humus, garlic paste & bread)
CHICKEN & RICE                                                                                                          7.25
(Spicy rice, grilled chicken leg, parsley & walnuts:
served with yoghurt & bread)
MIXED GRILL                                                                                                                9.95
(A mixture of grilled chicken, kafta & meat:
served with salad, grilled onion & tomato, humus & bread)
POLLO ALLA CREMA                                                                                                  9.25
(Grilled chicken breast with sliced mushrooms & onion in a
creamy sauce: served with salad)
SPIEDINO DI POLLO                                                                                                   9.25
(Grilled chicken cubes, pepper, onions on skewers with
barbecue sauce: served with rice)
POLLO ALLA ARAGOSTA                                                                                          9.95
(Chicken breast with prawns & garlic, smothered in a creamy
tomato & lobster sauce: served with salad)
POLLO ALFREDO                                                                                                         9.25
(Grilled chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese with
garlic, olive oil & lemon juice in a creamy demi glace sauce:
served with salad & bread)
SPICY FISH FILLET                                                                                                       9.95
(Oven baked Tilapia fillet, mixed with coriander, garlic, spices,
lemon juice & hot pepper sauce:
served with baba ghanouj, salad, rice & bread)
STEAK & MASH                                                                                                        10.95
(Grilled lamb steak cooked with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice &
demi glace sauce: served with mashed potatoes)
STEAK VALDOSTANA                                                                                             10.95
(Grilled lamb steak topped with mozzarella cheese in a creamy
demi glaze sauce: served with salad)
LA TRANQUILITE SPECIAL                                                                                    12.95
(Chicken shawarma, meat shawarma, shish tawook, kafta,
grilled onion & tomato: served with humus, salad, chips & bread)
DIANA FILLET                                                                                                            10.95
(Grilled lamb steak cooked with prawns & garlic dressed
with a creamy tomato & lobster sauce:
served with salad)
GAMBERONI ALLA ALFREDO                                                                              13.95
(King prawns, parsley, double cream, garlic oyster & a touch
of tomato sauce: served with bread)
SEA BASS FISH                                                                                                          13.95
(Grilled sea bass fish, mixed spices, lemon juice:
served with baba ghanouj, salad, chips & bread)
SALMON FILLET                                                                                                       13.95
(Oven baked salmon fish, mixed spices, lemon juice:
served with baba ghanouj, salad, chips & bread)
FULL GRILLED CHICKEN                                                                                        12.99
(served with humus, salad, roast potatoes, bread & garlic paste)

All products are daily delivered and fresh